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We love cars!

We are very knowledgeable and extremely enthusiastic collectors of mostly American cars, specialising in the 1950’s to 1990’s cars. We started business as we had enough of the following experiences;

Dealing with car dealers who just want to make money off you with no respect and care for how you feel and no after sales service whatsoever!

Had enough of being spoken to in a harsh manner from parts retailers, especially American car parts…

Fed up with the lack of customer service provided by those in the American car industry in general, i.e mechanics, body shops etc.

Then come to us – we will treat you with the respect you deserve and share our knowledge and enthusiasm with you. We have a dedicated network of contacts in the USA and Canada to help you source cars and parts and we have experience in shipping cars and parts too.

Using our skills learnt in the corporate world, we are now bringing a new ethos to the car trade to revolutionise customer service and customer focus.

We import cars from the US and Canada to the UK and the rest of Europe (Specifically Corvette Stingrays as well as other pre-1990s muscle cars) for our current customers. 

Additionally, a growing part of our business is related to classic cars of the 1960’s to 1990’s, specifically Fords (RS models,Capri’s, Escorts etc) and other soon to be classic cars.

Land Rover Defenders are now a big part of our business, from sourcing new after market parts to building bespoke cars for export to the USA and Canada as well as importing the Urban Warrior Defender (Built to order only)

If you have a specific requirement for any other vehicle, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Urban Warrior Defenders

We are proud to support the Urban Warrior 4×4. Power, Luxury, Comfort, Style and Reliability.



Since 1948, the Defender has seen use in the most extreme and inhospitable environments in the world; jungles, deserts, mountains, frozen tundra and more. Worldwide, it has been the standard for adventure travel, exploration, humanitarian service, search and rescue.

Now meet the new 2016 Urban Warrior; 700 plus horsepower!


The Urban Warrior continues the tradition, and adds more. Much more.  For example;

  • Unyielding off road capability
  • Amazing creature comfort.
  • More off road capability
  • More reliability
  • More comfort
  • More style
  • More fuel economy

Please take a look at the following video;

For more details please see the following link;

Urbanwarrior 4×4

If you have any specific requirements please do call us and we can discuss this with you.


Eleanor Mustang

Are you interested in an Eleanor Mustang? We have a direct and approved contact in the US and Canada who can build a Eleanor replica for you to your specification. Please see the publicity image below to give you a taster;


These are beautiful cars and are now becoming rarer due to their age and also the demand.  Unfortunately 60’s Fastback Mustangs have increased in price considerably so that has a knock on effect with Eleanor and Bullet replicas too.

Here are photo’s of a newly built replica;

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss specifications, prices, delivery times etc.


Cars for Hire

Please visit our website www.amazingcarsforhire.co.uk for further information.

Feel free call or email us for any specific requests.

American and classic car inspection


As enthusiasts and experts in certain types of cars, we are now offering a vehicle appraisal service for the Muscle cars and classic car market.

We are based in London so please contact us as we are able to travel to other destinations.

Our main focus now is Muscle & Classic Car Inspection as that is the business we are in.

Muscle and classic cars are super cars to own and also appreciating investments.  We take a careful look at all the details that are really important on older cars such as signs of rust, filler and older repairs and any prior or hidden damage.

For example, we check the following on our inspections;

  • Condition of the body and paint
  • Presence of scratches, cracks, dents, or rust
  • Underbody check for any signs of rust or damage
  • Condition of tires and wheels
  • Glass exam for cracks or other flaws
  • Previous accident damage and previous flood damage
  • Check lights, A/C, gauges, and operation of all other electrical items
  • Thorough check of interior–including upholstery, mats, headliner, and seat belts
  • Comprehensive inspection of the engine and transmission
  • Steering, suspension, Braking components, and Exhaust system
  • Visual inspection of engine and all other items under the hood
  • Notation of fluid level, oil leaks, and any missing parts
  • Review of all available mechanical and ownership records (if available)
  • We will address any additional areas of concern that you identify
  • If possible, assuming the vehicle is street legal and safe weather conditions exist, the entire drive train performance is evaluated with a 10-mile road test

We will also assess the vehicles true market value and give you a peace of mind reassurance that you are not paying over the odds. This will also help you with dealing with insurance companies who will often refute your claim of what the car is worth and the potential payout if you ever made a claim.

We have many contacts in the US and Canada who use us to help with procuring cars in the UK and have built up a relationship and their trust with our honesty and reliability.

Feel free to get in touch for more details  Contact Us