Urban Warrior Defenders

We are proud to support the Urban Warrior 4×4. Power, Luxury, Comfort, Style and Reliability.



Since 1948, the Defender has seen use in the most extreme and inhospitable environments in the world; jungles, deserts, mountains, frozen tundra and more. Worldwide, it has been the standard for adventure travel, exploration, humanitarian service, search and rescue.

Now meet the new 2016 Urban Warrior; 700 plus horsepower!


The Urban Warrior continues the tradition, and adds more. Much more.  For example;

  • Unyielding off road capability
  • Amazing creature comfort.
  • More off road capability
  • More reliability
  • More comfort
  • More style
  • More fuel economy

Please take a look at the following video;

For more details please see the following link;

Urbanwarrior 4×4

If you have any specific requirements please do call us and we can discuss this with you.