Super Tough car covers

Some people have no choice but to store a car under a cover outside. This can be on the front drive, in the garden or even in a field.

At this time, most car covers do a good job of actually covering the car short term but for long term use they just cannot cope. Even tarpaulin begins to fade and start falling apart when exposed to the elements on a 24 hour basis for years on end.

Do you recognise the images below?

  • Have you had enough of your car cover being shredded after less than a year’s use?
  • Cover flaps about in the wind and even flies off?
  • Removing the cover to find that the interior is drenched in water, the headlining has sagged etc because of condensation etc

The current project we are working on is developing super tough car covers for long term storage. Using various industrial materials, we are taking on a multi layered approach to ensure that the car coverĀ is breathable, UV resistant and also long lasting….by this we do not just mean one or two years!

The envisaged cover will have at least an inch thick protective layer in case anything falls onto the car or a car door is opened and hits the bodywork, thus preserving the bodywork and avoiding costly repairs.

To stop the cover being blown away by the wind, we are developing bespoke strapping systems to fit the car, which also will prevent theft and also extreme winds dislodging and then blowing the cover away.

Here are a few pictures of a prototype cover for a fourth generation Corvette;

As you can see, the material is heavy duty and scratch resistant. It would take pre-meditated malicious damage to penetrate the material used to get to the car.

The cover is heavy and super strong, so it is not for covering a car on a daily basis as it is quite heavy. The aim here is to cover a car and leave it and not worry about it for a while.