Car enclosure

We are currently designing and developing high quality car enclosures to put show cars in.

Basically the structure will be built out of high quality materials to ensure structural rigidity and strength. It will be designed to have a lot of glass / perspex surrounding the car to allow it to be seen and completely protected from the elements / vandals etc.

It will have double glazing glass with optional in-built blinds and will keep your car safe and sound. It is envisaged that the enclosed car will be kept in a capsule like environment which will allow a constant internal temperature and levels of humidity.

Here is an example of a car enclosure;

Once the car has been locked in, you can have reassurance that it will be safe and secure. The reason for this design is to ensure the highest level of protection that can be offered to the discerning car owner.

Please check back with us to see how this concept is progressing.

We are extremely excited about this concept as it will be the strongest and most secure enclosure on the market.